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Watercolor Painting Class with artist, Whitney Ruger


We are so very excited to welcome back Whitney, with Pip & Kate, from Flora, Illinois to teach our Beginner Watercolor Painting Class! This is a rare opportunity that you will not want to miss! Only 10-12 spaces are available, so sign up quick! Please click going and MESSAGE OR COMMENT WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. YOU ARE NOT A CONFIRMED PARTICIPANT UNTIL THE CLASS IS PAID FOR.

Class Fee is $55 and includes the following:
* 2 hours of instruction
* Drinks and Snacks
* All supplies needed for class, including: a folding watercolor palette filled with 15 colors (Winsor & Newton Cotman series watercolor paints), 2 round watercolor brushes (sizes 2 and 10), a 3B drawing pencil and a kneaded eraser to take home.
* Watercolor worksheets, blank sheets of watercolor paper, a card that lists the supplies you'll be taking home, recommended learning resources, and where to purchase additional supplies.

Whitney will focus on basic watercolor technique and what you need to know (and avoid!) to successfully use watercolor. 
She will guide you through color swatching, color mixing, brush strokes, painting wet-on-dry vs. wet-on-wet, color layering, color lifting, blending color on paper, etc. 

With Whitney's guidance, you will spend the last 20-30 minutes painting some quick, simple subjects together. She also will bring samples of her early work and recent work, so you can see how skill sets develop over time.