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Make Your Own Bouquets While Learning Flower Do's and Don'ts Class


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2 hrs. of instruction

snacks and drinks

Everything need to make two market-style bouquets. PLEASE NOTE: You will need to bring one vase from home that will hold approximately 12 flowers (about the size of a quart mason jar).

Let The Flowers Talk


Exploring Small Scale Flower Farming,

How To Make Your Gardening Life Easier and

How to Make a Market Style Bouquet


About the Farm/Farmer – one acre + one farmer located on the eastern edge of Posey County offering beautiful locally-grown fresh flowers in bouquets, bunches or DIY buckets.  Explore the Farm at and follow me on Facebook and Instagram @darnellschoolfarm. . .your Farmer (retired accountant), Kathy Yearwood


The class experience includes discussion and hands-on activities:


  1. Our growing season and how to get the most out of it through fall planting of cool season annuals and fall preparation of spring flower beds/garden.


  1. Weeding and watering – who wants to? Not me!  Tools and equipment to help reduce the labor input for weeding and watering.


  1. Starting your own flowers from seed – the only way to get the flowers that will provide you a true cutting garden.


  1. Market style bouquets and the wildflower look – how seven (7) different types of flowers and greenery can create something beautiful and fragrant for week long enjoyment. This portion of the class experience will include making a market style bouquet in a stemless wine glass that I provide as well as making a second bouquet to go into a vessel you bring along with you.


  1. Caring for your flowers – six keys to long life


  1. Flower petal art (as time allows) - an activity to share with the grandkids, at church or at the retirement center.